Traffic Management

DFS Traffic Management has been providing quality traffic management services to all areas of Western Australia for over a decade. We understand that various works can cause temporary disruptions to the road networks and have made it our priority to ensure that this is minimised and that all roads are kept safe and free flowing.

Our team of accredited traffic management planners and implementors work together to provide traffic solutions that support the safety of all projects, reduce the environmental impacts of the site surroundings, mitigate the risks associated with the work and keep our communities safer.

We are with you every step of the way – Our team of AWTM traffic planners, dispatch officers and TC / BWTM / AWTM accredited controllers work together to support our clients from the initiation of the project right through to the implementation of our plans and delivery of our services.

DFS is registered with the Main Roads WA State Road Traffic Management Company Registration Scheme – We can assist our clients with all approvals, endorsements, obstruction permits, noise management and environmental plans, public notifications, generic / complex traffic plans, traffic control and equipment hire.

Get in touch today and find out how DFS can help you with your next project!

Get In Touch Today And Find Out How We Can Help You With Your Next Project.