Road Sweeping & Gully Eduction

At Drainflow Services (DFS), we help to keep traffic areas and communities cleaner, safer and free from a build-up of debris and litter. We understand that whatever happens above the ground, effects our vital networks below the ground. We have therefore made it our priority to assist in eliminating the debris and litter that enters our waterways from our roads and drains.

We own and operate a large growing fleet of unique, versatile vacuum and sweeper trucks, path sweepers and hand-held devices that we use for scheduled cleaning and emergency jobs.


Sweeping the roadways is the first step we take to ensure that our commitment to environmental sustainability is being met. Once the roadways have been swept and road gullies vacuumed our team of operators deliver all debris collected to a licenced recovery facility for screening, hydro washing, extraction of all contaminants and revive the materials to reintroduce into a circular economy.

At DFS, we believe in building a business model that aims to tackle global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, waste management and pollution, so that we can see our future generations thrive for years to come.

Get in touch today and find out how DFS can help you with your next project!

Get In Touch Today And Find Out How We Can Help You With Your Next Project.