Pipe Relining

At Drainflow Services (DFS) not only do we identify the problem – our team of dedicated pipe relining specialists are also able to provide a solution using our no dig pipe repair technology.

Once pipes are decommissioned, isolated, and a temporary bypass system is put in place, we begin the rehabilitation process. First our operators remove any protruding obstacles, roots and fat using our cutting-edge high-pressure systems and milling robot in preparation for the pipe to be relined.

Our team than undergo our carefully curated UV liner installation method to successfully install a UV-cured, glass reinforced pipe, into the host pipe. After the renovation has been completed, a CCTV inspection unit is sent down the pipe section to ensure works have been completed to a satisfactory level and our clients are given an opportunity to review.

Of course, given our commitment to quality, safety and environment, all tasks are carried out following OHS policies and procedures as outlined in the standards and guidelines.

There is no problem to big or small that DFS can’t navigate around. Using our innovative approach, we provide solutions that create no mess, minimal fuss, and are economically sound.

Get in touch today and find out how DFS can help you with your next project!

Get In Touch Today And Find Out How We Can Help You With Your Next Project.