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CCTV Inspection

DFS Waste Management Resource Recovery uses the latest and most advanced CCTV Inspection equipment available on the market today. Our equipment ranges from small push rod cameras for inspection of 100mm-150mm drains to water jet driven cameras used on 150mm-1200mm drains that are usually full of sand and debris and our Quick View Camera System for inspection of drains from manhole to manhole. This piece of equipment can inspect any drain, regardless of how much build up is in the drain at the time. This camera is able to inspect over the top of debris and is able to focus with immense detail on any section that may look suspicious.

Our latest addition is our new 2017 F200 Crawler Camera Unit capable of inspecting drains from 150mm – 1500mm utilizing it’s motor driven lift arm.

Below are two videos demonstrating the visual representation our CCTV Inspection Equipment provides. These types of images is what the client receives as a quality assurance of the work that was carried out.